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We have a progressive system that creates a complete experience for our restaurant management job seekers. Our Five-Point Search Success System is a process that ensures there will be no gaps in services as we move toward job placement success! Our well-defined and thorough approach is relationship-focused, where each individual is recognized as having a unique skill set.

Personalization is at the hub our process.


Recruit Respect Retain AGI Hospitality Recruitment

1. Reflect

Career Need Evaluation – Identifies factors that are most important to your career fit in accordance with skill set, development, desires and quality of life needs.

2. Review

Resume Critique & Suggestion – Delivery of advice to ensure your resume helps you stand out among the crowd.

3. Discover

Career Opening Discovery – Matches our client companies with your career fit and utilizes these relationships to get your foot in the door with an interview.

4. Coach

Interview Setting & Coaching – We will act as a liaison between our client companies and you to ensure you are set for success in each interview you attend.

5. Accept

Finalization of Acceptance & Transitions – Once the interview process is complete, we will use our experience and expertise to help you accept the most optimal career. This includes advice on your counter-offers and how to transition effectively from your current employer.


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