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There are many methodologies to recruit. The nature of the method taken will yield very different results. The unique state of technology, massive job boards and a very competitive labor market has made the world of recruiting very different from the way it was yesterday. If you are employing outdated recruiting methodologies, you will not find, attract or hire top talent.

At AGI, we vow to stay ahead of recruiting trends, technological changes and industry norms to ensure we reach the top talent for our clients. Once top candidates are found, they are taken through our in-depth Search Success System. This system has been time tested and its output is reducing time, money and turnover for our clients.



1. Source

Surfacing top candidates that meet your defined talent needs.

2. Screen

In depth, behaviorally anchored interviewing to discern best fits for your talent needs.

3. Investigate

Researching of social media and online presence, reference checking, and assessing their ability to receive and adhere to instruction.

4. Educate

Providing the best candidates the info necessary to better understand your organization and the positions in which they are applying.

5. Coordinate

Scheduling and communicating the details of the interviews, applications, testing, job offers and on boarding process.


Contact us today so we can utilize our system to help you win the war on talent.