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Job Seeker Wisdom

Getting the perfect job is a tedious job. The process must be handled with preparation and diligence if you, as the career seeker, want to find the perfect match for your long term career. Through these video testimonials we seek to brush the surface of empowering you to be a great job seeker. If this wisdom is helpful, contact us more for more free advice to empower you to do your best!


Common Resume Blunders

Top 5 resume blunders to stay away from to help you stand out.

The Balance of Good vs. Great

Your rear view mirror is a lot smaller than your windshield – look to where you want to be in your career so you can be a GREAT interviewer.


What kind of Manager are you?

Are you a manager that thrives in a structured environment? Do you need more freedom in the decision making process? Knowing your strengths will help you in the interview process to find the career that best suits your needs.

We are Headhuggers

Coaching, developing and finding the right career with GREAT employers for GREAT managers is what we do.


Helping your resume stand out

We want to help you stand out when you apply to your dream job. We work directly with the hiring managers so your resume isn’t sitting out there, waiting in cyperspace.

What success means to you

Its important to understand what success means to each job seeker, we want to maximize your options to find the best suited career for you and your family.


Effective resumes

Resume Advice for job seekers that want leap the pile of resumes on the hiring managers desk so you can land more interviews.

Interviewing for first impressions

Interviewing expertise on building lasting first impressions that will make you stand out.


Interviewing with strong non verbal cues

Interviewing expertise on acing interviews by being aware of your non verbal cues.

Effective rapport building

Interviewing expertise on acing interviews by building strong rapport with the interviewer.


Asking great questions

Interviewing expertise on acing interviews by asking questions that will impress the interviewer.

Leaving a lasting impression

Interviewing expertise on acing interviews by leaving a lasting impression that will put you ahead of other candidates.


AGI Core Values

View AGI’s core values – the way we do business: Integrity, Relationship Focus, Humble Service.

Facts Tell / Stories Sell

It’s important to stay specific in the interview process. Your resume tells us who you are as a manager, your specific success stories will set you apart.