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Finding Peace, Love and Joy Amidst the Fluxlove-joy-peace

I want to genuinely thank each of you who wished me congratulations as my 11th year anniversary fell recently of starting and maintaining a small business, AGI Management Inc. With each passing year as an entrepreneur, I give thanks for sustaining it one year further. Beyond that, I give thanks for the many lessons that being a small business owner has taught me about life. As we reflect on 2016 and start planning ahead here are a few lessons I’m grateful to reflect upon this year:

  • Peace: Being a small business owner is a true roller-coaster ride; there are high highs and low lows. It is often a lonely position to lead a small biz. In many instances, you are never a subject matter expert but yet a jack of all trades. I drive revenue, sell business, lick envelopes, clean the toilets and take calls on the weekends. So how does one find peace amidst such a diversified flux of good, bad and ugly? Simple, you put it into perspective! The bad and ugly of being a small business owner does not compare to the good. If there is one thing I promote to those seeking to launch a business it is that if you do not take advantage of the perks of the role, you will quickly burn out from the tough parts. The rollercoaster will always be there, but if you are able to recognize the good perks and stay focused on the blessing of them, you will be able to skim right past the hard days with an eye on the prize of the next.
  • Love: The challenge of sustaining a small business amidst a competitive environment literally has me whistling on my way into work. I love the people I work with genuinely… as family. That type of work environment is rare in a larger business, but our small business culture allows genuine love for each other. I can’t say I love all our clients with that same consistency; however, we are truly blessed by our clients and those relationships. We certainly must stay focused on sustainability and our economic engine, but the people around us is what causes me and the others on our team to genuinely find love in the work days.
  • Joy: People often interchange the words “joy” and “happiness”, but they are not the same. Happiness is a temporary feeling while joy is a permanent state of being. When you generally love what you are doing at work, when you are doing it for a higher purpose and are good at the propensity of it, joy greatly increases. I can honestly say that is the case after eleven years at AGI. Fueling life change through providing better work for those in the restaurant business is a call on my life. It brings me joy each and every day no matter what circumstances take place.

Thank you so much to all those that have supported AGI, supported me through developing my ability and for being there amidst the good, bad and ugly. I am hopeful the Peace, Love and Joy we feel here has somehow impacted you in a good way.

I pray that as the season comes to a close you find great fruit of the Spirit as well in your work and home life.