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Interviewing Tips from the Experts
Interviewer: Are you questioning your questions?

When on a career search it is commonplace for a career seeker to look at the process with the overarching theme of “I’ll get this job if they really want me”, but there is an interesting reality in this relationship that few interviewers diligently embrace: you may get this job if you show that you really want them.

Obviously, good employers hire proactively based on skill set and the experience necessary for a role but when it comes down to multiple candidates who possess those elements the intangibles will be the deciding factor. Amongst those intangibles are a desire and passion to work at the chosen organization. The communication of this element could lead you or your competition to landing that dream job so let’s look at best practices to gain you an upper hand.

The portrayal of passion to work for an organization you are interviewing starts early on in the interview process. You must have done diligent research on the organization and gone beyond just looking at their website. Utilize the many resources available including social media, publicized employer reviews and your personal network to gain greater knowledge base to draw conclusions on employer culture, strategic decisions, leadership and market positioning.

Once you have these assumptions bring them up wisely in the first set of interviews by the questions you ask. The questions a candidate asks in the interview says as much about them then how they answer questions. The beauty of this is that you will have the ability to develop the questions prior to the interviews.

Most candidates anticipate interview questions and prepare answers, which is great, but the candidate that preps the right question will have a hand up on their competition for that dream job. Don’t hesitate to write these down and take them with you into the interview. Doing so portrays professionalism and preparedness – two desired traits for any job you will be interviewing for.

The questions you ask and the answers you receive about the organization will be the foundation to selling them on the fact you really want to work there. You can cater your selling points as the ideal candidate in further correspondence based on the info gathered from the high end questions you have prepared.

Employee turnover has been of interest for good organizations over the past few decades. Today, good organizations have more data and therefore are more in-tune with employee retention then any point in history. This fact coupled with the increased cost of employee turnover associated with a tighter labor market, increased health care costs and technological advances leading to more competitive markets make hiring with retention in mind a strategic objective of all hiring professionals. Good hiring authorities want candidates that really want to work for them because it increases the probability of retention.

Understanding this reality can help you better cater your approach to excelling in the communication that you really want to work at the organization you are interviewing with. Just remember that the questions you ask may be as important as how you answer the questions you are asked. Catapult yourself into the organization and career fit of your dreams by interviewing better than your competition. For more tips or to ask any clarifying questions to empower you on your career search contact us today for free one on one help. We would love to be a tool in your toolbox to make your career dreams come true!