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As we celebrate our life liberty and pursuit of happiness on Independence Day I am reflective and grateful for the lessons I have learned about the importance of interdependence this year. Certainly happiness and the pursuit of it comes down to an individuals will and methodology; however, as I look back over the first half of the year every single area of my joy related to work and family life are relational.



One of my 2015 goals was to be more vulnerable in sharing my thoughts and needs with those closest to me. This renewed focus has brought on great reward. The reliance on others inherent to vulnerability has blessed my life with richer relationships. Enhanced vulnerability has been a great step on the road of interdependence and living with less selfish focus.

Reliance on those around me has been a shortcoming of mine in a management realm. I am quick to do yet impatient to develop others to do. This bull in a china shop mentality has driven some decent results but nowhere close to the results or happiness we can achieve when we perform in a highly functional team. I am starting to gain wisdom, patience and greater results in better understanding my strengths, knowing where my time is best spent and situating teammates with collaborative strengths in order to maximize efficiency.

So this Independence Day I am grateful not only for the foundation of this great country and its liberties but also the connectivity of the great people in it and how it is teaching me to be a better person!

What are you pensive about as you celebrate independence and our nation? Share your journey so we can learn from each other.