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Your Resume Should Be Your Golden Ticket

I know, I know; you hear this all the time – resumes are very critical as the first step in being considered for that job you want!  When you have the opportunity to submit a resume, you should feel confident that you have constructed it well enough so that it will serve as the “golden ticket” to get you an interview invitation.  Today, I want to help you better understand what all of it means and what you can do to improve your resume submissions.

Speaking from the marketing side of personal branding, I can assure you that how your resume looks, reads, and feels seriously matters to the hiring manager.  Your goal is to present a resume that the hiring manager will slowly comb over multiple times, write notes on it, and share with others who are involved in the hiring decision.  You want your name and credentials to be sticky in the mind of everyone who reads it.  You want your resume to have so many company fingerprints on it, that the crisp paper it was printed on becomes warn with wonderful wear!  This doesn’t mean that you print out your resume and mail it in (unless you are instructed to do that).  This is relevant to the hiring manager at the receiving-end of an electronically-submitted resume who will want to print it out as a hardcopy.  And think about how special it is when others email your resume throughout the company – how great it is when your resume is part of an email trail that has a nice long list of people it was shared with along the way!  These extra people can become ambassadors for you!   Each “eShare” will give your resume a longer life, and that’s the ticket!

I often relate marketing yourself for a job through a resume as being similar to how the auto industry uses spectacular car brochures in the showroom lobby.  These are printed materials that are crafted to catch your eye, give you the specs of the car, the unique and powerful features of that car, and the options the car can come with or special ordered.  Even when you know the exact make and model of the car you want, the printed brochure is still very useful in giving you further details that will help you feel more comfortable about your buying decision.  Of course, there are plenty of other ways to buy a car; but when you know that you want a brand new car customized exactly the way you want it and plan to get the most mileage from it, you will seek out all of the available information about it first.  Sometimes you choose a totally different car then you originally had in mind.  But for the most part, the dream situation is determining what car you want and then pursuing the means to find out if that car is really what you want to buy.  In essence, your resume is the brochure of YOU in the showroom!

Considering Your Resume | AGI Hospitality RecruitingSo many articles are written about resume writing tips regarding content, context, and syntax.  But I have a feeling that, while you know that you should be reading these articles, you probably don’t have the time or patience to hunt them down for yourself.  How handy would it be if – right here and right now – I gave you some links of articles about resume tips that you could utilize for better results?  These article links that I am providing are currently trending and are excellent!  I wouldn’t be sharing them if they were bad techniques or impractical.  They are quality, and I hope you will set aside some time to really “study” them out to see which methods you can begin to use this week to improve your resume.

Yes, I am asking you to do some “homework” on this.  Yes, it will feel just like a major school project if you are taking your career destiny seriously enough – but imagine the better results you will gain if you do this for yourself!  Invest important precious time and energy in YOU for a better working-life future! Your heart of hearts tells you that you are worth it, so do it!  Study these things and implement everything that is relevant to your career path.  Become an expert in your own resume construction and submit it proudly rather than hopefully.  Bookmark or save this page in your browser as a favorite so you can reference it as many times as you need.  In order to really absorb and apply anything from these readings, it will be best if you don’t rush through all of the articles. After all, it’s about YOU, so take the time that is necessary to make a measurable difference in how your resume is being considered!

I challenge you to do this; and if you do, I promise that you will be so happy that you did!  Please let me know which article you found to be the most useful to you, or if there are any other articles out there that you would like to share.

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