You need more than a recruiter.
You need a game changer.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the talent you attract is high performing and can be retained.  From talent acquisition to leadership development, our full range will create a synergistic environment with unparalleled success and growth.

  • Talent Acquisition

    We help you build your Employment Brand and employ our 4C Recruitment Model to ensure you find and hire top talent.

  • High Performance & High Retention Culture Creation

    We utilize customized methodologies, processes, and templates to ensure a high performance & high retention culture so you can grow to your fullest potential.

  • Leadership Development

    Organizational growth is the result of your leaders' development. We formulate innovative group Leadership Training and One-On-One Coaching to ensure your leaders are continually improving and elevating.

What our clients are saying

AGI helped us define our core values, which immediately helped us find candidates that were aligned with our mission. We are now confident in our decision making when hiring new team members, and we have an outline for developing new leaders.

Better hires means less turnover, which means more time for growing the business...and that's what AGI has given us. AGI has increased our profit because turnover is expensive, and by hiring right, this cost is reduced.

I love working with John. His sincerity and insight is invaluable and he is able to keep us focused on the important tasks.

Delano Sherley
Delano Sherley and Associates, Inc.

My time with AGI is well worth it. They help me leverage new understandings of people's behaviors and motivations to positively impact my relationships and my work. I have become a more insightful leader, particularly due to increased alignment between my work life and spiritual life.

John McCarthy is fantastic. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to hone leadership skills, grow impact, and increase their understanding of professional, political, and cultural workplace dynamics.

Chris Lewis

We hired our newest colleague with the help of AGI and she has been wonderful to work with. She learned the job quickly and has been a comfortable fit in our small team! We enjoyed engaging with AGI to ensure our values lead our business when it came to making this new hire. The fit has made our ability to lead the business very easy.

We had a huge need, as such a small team, when we engaged AGI to find our newest hire. Our productivity is back where it needs to be and then some.

We are very grateful for John McCarthy and AGI and would go back to them immediately with any future hiring and business development needs!

Colin Hill
Hill Financial Strategies

Offerings to attract elite talent, cultivate leadership excellence, and foster unwavering commitment

While you're not obligated to utilize all of AGI's offerings, integration of our services maximizes sustainable growth and success. Each of our offerings include the processes, templates and application support to ensure you attract, grow and retain top talent.


Starting at $3,500/placement

Finding the right people to drive your business forward is essential, yet most companies do not have the candidate flow or vetting process to ensure their hires are the right fit.

Our 4C recruiting model increases candidate flow and guarantees you find the talent you need to grow your business.

Employment Brand

Starting at $1,000

Attracting top talent is the foundation of recruiting, but very few companies have ever marketed their unique employment brand to attract the talent they need.

In two 90-minute sessions we provide you with direction and templates to help build your employment brand that will be a competitive and necessary advantage to recruit top talent.

The Purposed Organization

Starting at $2,500

You will not be able to sustain your organization's growth without great planning around all facets of effective attraction and retention processes.

Over the course of 3-months, we guide your organization's leaders through the 10 critical steps needed to fully implement necessary systems for attraction and retention of top talent.

The Purpose Partner

Starting at $1,500

The Purpose Partner is 3-month individual process to guide an employee to a deeper understanding of their ideal life; at home and at work.

Once they realize the life they want to live, then you can retain and motivate them according to the obtaining of their aspirations!

Executive Coaching

Starting at $500

Every leader in your organization has blind spots and development opportunities. A skilled, trained executive coach can support the discovery of these opportunities and guide leaders toward their optimal leadership capacity.

With two 90-minute sessions per month, AGI coaches ensure your leaders are growing so your organization can thrive.

Team Trainings

Starting at $500

AGI has developed a series of trainings to teach executive teams the right practices to grow, attract, and retain.

These trainings are 90-minute sessions in four key areas: Managing Generational Differences, Self-Care: The New Work-Life Balance, Developing a Development Culture, and Leveraging the New Psychology of Work.

Ready to get started or need a little more information?

How We Got Here

After 20 years helping companies recruit top talent, we realized it was equally as important to help them develop and retain that talent, so we set out to change things for companies everywhere.


At AGI, we specialize in going beyond the ordinary when it comes to recruiting, developing, and retaining. You'll become a talent magnet by using our specialty tailored programs, centered around 'purpose' to find elite workers; grow excellence within your leadership team; and build a company of employees that never want to leave.


We help organizations develop powerful points of difference, so they thrive in today's competitive landscape. This is done by utilizing the innate desire in people to work within their 'purpose' and in an environment that fosters value, in all facets of the word. Our commitment is to provide unique and proven tools to recruit, develop, and retain the employees that everyone wants.


We redefine success by delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to navigate challenges and achieve extraordinary results. Join us on the journey to unlock your organization's full potential and establish a lasting legacy of achievement. None of it is done in an ordinary way, but it all results in long-term success.